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Francesco Apreda

Originally from Naples and with an international soul, with Rome providing the perfect stage for him to show off his talents. Francesco Apreda is a successful mix between Mediterranean flavours and oriental influences, combining 100% Italian taste when choosing ingredients with techniques developed in London, Tokyo, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Idylio by Apreda

Apreda’s career started in a pretty typical way, gaining experience in various hotels, before he ended up in the renowned kitchens of the Hassler in Rome, at the age of just 20. He began as a commis chef and it took him less than a year to become a Chef de Partie. This, however, was only a transition stage as his next stop was London, where Apreda stayed for five long years. In the English capital, the real beating heart of international haute cuisine, Francesco immediately had three key experiences for his professional growth. The first was at ‘Le Gavroche’ (2 Michelin stars) under the guidance of the legendary Michel Roux. He then went on to work at the ‘Ibla’ as a Sous Chef and at the ‘Green Olive’ as Chef, two restaurants classed as “Bib Gourmand” by the Michelin Guide.

Idylio by Apreda

London was above all the place where the young chef had the chance to meet up with Maurizio Morelli, an old school friend who, in the meantime, had become one of the capital’s most popular Italian chefs. Working alongside Morelli, Apreda perfected what would become some of the hallmarks of his cuisine: studying the basics, respecting tradition and a strong creative impulse.

At the age of just 27, he had the chance to run the ‘Cicerone’ in Tokyo. This experience in Japan was of key importance for Apreda: it was here where he further refined the technical side to his cooking and learnt how to appreciate what he himself defines as “the integrity of cuisine”. It was also here where he honed his knowledge of ingredients, discovering the pleasure of combining east and west, in a blend that still forms an integral part of his dishes.

In 2003, Apreda returned to Rome where he was given the role of Executive Chef at the ‘Hassler’, also overseeing “Il Palazzetto”, the hotel’s charming “sister”. This was the step before the opening of ‘Imago’, the roof restaurant overlooking the Spanish Steps, which really set Apreda apart. It was here that, in 2009, he became part of the elite group of Michelin-starred chefs. From that moment on, he began to receive acclaim from all over the world.

That’s how he got to where he is today. In 2019 Apreda has become one of the very few professionals who is well-loved among both critics and public. He decided to take a new turn in his career by accepting the role of Executive Chef at ‘Idylio by Apreda’, the restaurant at the prestigious The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, that only after six months from the opening was awarded with 1 Michelin Star. This represents the successful completion of team work and the relationship of trust developed with the owners. Apreda also plays the role of Ambassador Chef for the Tridente Collection Group, a commitment that will lead him over the upcoming years to redesign the hotel’s cuisine concept thanks to the support of the entire team. The ambition is to create an incredibly high-quality approach for the various Tridente Collection hotels, customising a personal and unmistakable style for each of them.