The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel MEET THE NEW PANTHEON Welcome to five-star luxury in the beating heart of Ancient Rome. Where icons are timeless.

Welcome to The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

Five-star luxury, timeless beauty

Extensive historical research, the restauration process for the ancient building, modern design coming together with sophisticated features from classical Rome, not to mention the spectacular views over the Eternal City. Here at The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, every single detail, from the shapes to the choice of surfaces, from the materials used to the colour scheme, is an expression of pure excellence.

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

From the moment you step foot through the door, you’ll get a sense of the geometry of Rome’s most famous temple. The design will astonish you. Our proximity to the Pantheon has inspired every element of this hotel – from the rooms and suites to the restaurants, services and facilities. Striking, bespoke design brings together iconic elegance and contemporary, innovative luxury.

Our custom-made interiors are at the forefront of leading Italian design. Using the highest quality materials, from marble stone to decorative brass, wood, porcelain and stoneware, we’ve brought the architectural icon of the Pantheon to life in a new way. The sleek lines of our lobby, art gallery and boutique are inspired by Ancient Roman arches and columns, and the oculus of the Pantheon, the dome’s spectacular circular opening, is reflected in the circular shapes on our guest rooms’ ceilings and throughout the hotel.

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel

Here, we pay tribute to the past, today. We believe that warmth and reliability form the basis of excellent customer service. Our hospitality redefines luxury in Rome as we go above and beyond to ensure your needs and desires are not only met, but exceeded. The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel has been carefully designed, a place able to welcome guests like never before.

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel
The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel


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